About the Program

The Chillicothe Post 757 Colts Baseball Program

The Chillicothe 757 Colts Baseball Program is a non-profit organization serving the youth of Chillicothe Ohio and the surrounding area. Since 1969, Post 757 Baseball has thrived as an American Legion Baseball Program proudly representing the Chillicothe Community.

American Legion Baseball is not only the oldest, largest and most competitive teenage baseball program in the country but its primary purpose is to build character in young men. Character has been built in over 10 million young men who have played American Legion Baseball. Much is said about American Legion Baseball but the proof is in the pudding:

  • Over 55 former legion players have been inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame
  • Nearly 75 percent of current college players previously played legion baseball
  • Over half of the current major league players played Legion baseball.

In addition to MLB players most active managers in Major League Baseball as well as former MLB commissioners played Legion baseball.  American Legion Baseball remains the only youth baseball program that pays for travel, lodging and meals at State, Regional and World Series Tournaments.

The Chillicothe 757 Colts Program is NOT:

We are NOT a weekend program, a “travel team”, a “tournament team” or a two month out of the year summer team.

The Chillicothe 757 Colts Program is:

The Chillicothe 757 Colts IS a team that plays several games in the summer (and on the weekends) participating in both a league schedule while traveling to various tournaments along the east coast. Although our players are encouraged to participate in other sports, the Chillicothe 757 Colts program provides opportunities in the fall and winter for Colts players.

Players in the Post 757 Colts Baseball Program have the opportunity to participate in baseball and other events nearly year around if they choose to do so.